I’m a new-ish blogger and have never been nominated before, so this is really exciting for me.  Why? I like talking about myself that’s why.  Lol JK

Actually, for me this is a huge honor because I feel like I’m slowly really getting into the whole blogging thing and I’m  glad to be able to make friends over this.

I was nominated by @allinastory and I thank you for remembering me and my blog 🙂  ( definitely subscribe to her, she’s a sweet person mA)


The Rules:

 • Thank the person/persons who nominated you in a blog post and link back to their blog.

 • Answer the 11 questions sent by the person who nominated you.

 • Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.

 • List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo on your post and/or on your blog.


These are her questions:

  1. Who are you? If you have introduce yourself without the expectations and confines of people, (egs. careers, positions, jobs) what would you want a person to know you as?

That’s a hard question lol.    I’m a compassionate person who just wants people to be happy. I want people to know that I truly care and will do my best to be there for them if they need me.  I will support them and respect their differences. Know me as a friend 🙂

2.  Describe a couple of small instances in life that make you genuinely happy 🙂

Hmm that’s easy! Eating chocolate, remembering something I tried to memorize, adkhar, buying shoes, pranking my sisters, and hugging my mom lol

3.  What would you attempt if you knew you couldn’t fail? Would it be the same without  the challenge?

Simple answer: swimming in deep water without failing lol  I can’t swim so..

Complicated answer:  haha talking to scholars and discussing things with them. I’m so afraid of talking to them because I usually say something stupid from getting nervous lol

4.  What makes the people you look up to special?

The effort they put into becoming who they are.  The challenges they faced and the patience they observed when dealing with tough situations.

5. If you had the opportunity to address the entire world for 1 minute what would you  say?

This is an interesting question.  I’d address the world by telling them to stop being greedy and jealous, stop judging other people and telling them how terrible they are, and stop charging interest when helping others out

6. What is some integral part of your daily routine that without it, feels incomplete?

Reading Quran in the morning before I start my day.  Without it, I feel empty or as if my day won’t go well. 

7.  What is a special memory you have of your childhood?

Well this one isn’t really a good one but it is special 😛  One time we went swimming in a river and I went to this nasty marshy part of the river and suddenly on my hand was this jeweled beetle sucking on my hand.  It still creeps me out till today.  The beetle had beautiful  royal reds and blues on it. but omg ew i hated this happening to me so much. 

8.  What is something you love to do?

I love studying arabic but I just can’t seem to focus on it right now 😦

9.  What is the best thing you’ve read in the past month?

I just read this article by @SpilltheChai and I really liked it 🙂  I dont remember anything else for now cuz i read things all the time 😛

10. If you could meet anyone from the past, who would it be and why?

James Madison so he could slap the hell outa America over Trump’s new bigoted regime.  -____-

11. Where would you like to travel to and why?

Besides Turkey (cuz I wanna go shopping there so I’ll need to save up lol) I would love to visit the Maldives. The water is so beautiful and blue and I don’t know I just LOVE beaches. I’ve never been to a real one.  I live right in the middle of the US :: Missouri so I think I’ve had my fair share of trees and forests lol

My 11 questions for those I’ve nominated:


  1. what made you start blogging?
  2. What is the biggest sacrifice you’ve ever made in your life?
  3. Who is someone that has impacted your life and why?
  4. What is something you hope to accomplish before you die?
  5. What is something kind that you did but nobody knew about it?
  6. what is the craziest thing someone has said to you?
  7. What cause are you most passionate about?
  8. What is something you’ve done for yourself?
  9. What makes you different?
  10. If you could, would you live your life again, with the chance to make different choices?
  11. Who was the last person to smile at you?  🙂 

Nominating  bloggers 🙂 :::

Okay IDK if it’s appropriate to nominate Br.Babar, but you’re still ridiculously inspiring mA

Babar Ahmad,
Kira’s Hymn ,
New Muslim

I’m not really in contact with many bloggers for now so.. 😛  i hope this suffices



  1. […] was nominated by Yusra; so check out her blog. Thank you Yusra. Your nomination is highly […]

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  2. Syed Danish says:

    Congrats 💐💐💐💐
    You deserve it Yusra 💐💐❤☺👍

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