Birth to Trust

Trust. The most expensive and strangest thing in the world.
Once you lose it, it could take a lifetime to get back.
Its strange because it can be easy to gain
And make you the richest of all
But when it’s hard,
You really have to dig deep to find it.

But the question is… How do you get it? How does it come to exist?
Its the most integral part of relationships, yet the most unique thing to create
Is time the x chromosome? Then what is its y chromosome for it to be created?
Time and patience
Love and sincerity
I don’t know

The birth of our precious trust
How does the village raise it, if you must
And protect it from swarming disgust

Or even before the betrayal the lies and deceit
That destroys its little heart’s  two toned beat
How do you keep it sweet
With the nectar of all that is good
So we can savor all that it should

How do you make it grow
Amidst the sabotage and greed
And the fire of each evil dead

To keep it safe from the distractions and confusion
From the dark actions blurring our  profusion

How can we make trust see

That it belongs to both you and me

With love and utmost sincerity