My Pep-talk For Bayyinah Dream

Before going to Bayyinah Dream, I would give myself tons of pep talks.  I would reflect a lot and read up on how students of knowledge should do their thing.  I wanted to be honest and sincere… I wanted to be a real student of knowledge… just like the real ones..

So this is one pep-talk I wrote and it still helps me today whenever I come back to my old notes.

–When you’re a student of knowledge, you begin to change yourself from the most basic things..

  • begin with your mother. If she tells you to stop talking, then you shouldn’t let out a single peep even if the world is about to end in front of you.
  • Next, you should fear yourself.  be scared of your nafs and shaitan. They are both very clever… so you must constantly seek refuge because you don’t know when it can fool you
  • Lastly, be honest with your actions and dedicate yourself to that knowledge so it can stick to you even when you are in a state of low iman… because then practicing that bit of knowledge will have become a habit for you, making it easy for you to surpass those lowly actions you want to commit..

may Allah guide us all… 🙂 ❤

DISCLAIMER:  no one is urged to follow this .. this was a personal pep-talk for myself, and the three things i mentioned had a lot of personal meanings for me… so it’s not just limited to what’s figuratively mentioned


My Endeavors to Bayyinah Dream and a Miracle

It was only it of Allah’s mercy that I was able to make it to Bayyinah.

My dad had been jobless for 3 years before me going to Bayyinah.  It was only a few months before the Dream year began that he got a job.. al humdulillah. I would read surah Waqiah every single day, even twice or thrice a day, and pray and pray and pray. I read Quran all the time, and dedicated myself to full time dua-ing.

What made things crazier is that 1,2,3 all cars broke down!! ALL THREE OF OUR CARS. How would I be able to go with my dad JUST getting a job (which wasnt very high paying) AND no car?!?! amazingly, we were able to get a used toyota JUST A FEW DAYS before leaving for Bayyinah. If we hadnt gotten a car.. I would have been in trouble.

Before the third car breaking down,  me and my to-be roommates had decided that I’ll be the one bringing a car over to Dallas (tho I didn’t even have my liscence) for us to use. So it wasn’t just me that this would effect.

But just all in all, that was a huge miracle– both my dad getting a job and us getting a new car ❤

If Allah swt hadnt answered our prayers, I wouldnt have been able to go to fulfill my dream of attending Dream ❤

My First One

Haha I’m actually kinda nervous about doing my first post.  Not really nervous, more like excited and jumpy but then so unsure in the same time.  I’v been wanting to start posting the things that come to my mind rather than letting them hide away in old notebooks. I hope as I get used to this I get creative cuz I’m kinda all bleh for now…

PS. I like to binge… binge with food, with studying, with thinking, with wasting time, everything. clearly not a healthy habit lol.  oh well… this means I’ll binge up on posts too 😀