Of course I wrote about Time

Time isn’t for us to beat

it’s to be consumed

for we all need time to grow
and time to spend
to generously lend
it’s not for haste
nor be vulgar and spit and waste it
health wealth and glory
it’s more than all this- it’s the whole story
with every blink we need to see
and breath we take to brisk and shuffle
through each step we risk
time is just that
from seed to pod and leaflet to stem and
finally once bloomed
a marvelous gem
time is our miracle to consume
eager to be used
to create things anew
leave old things to pass
to overcome the sadness, Alast
bury the madness
and let it be dwindled by the spindling
happiness, so vast
it’s the space to think and solve
to play up ways to evolve
to control and conquer
everything that we’re meant for
sophisticated and intricate
unique with no redundancy
despite the hypnotic intervals
the perfectly calculated seconds
something fresh and clean
is ready to take its start
only if you give it time
and do your own part

You’re a Slave


You’re a slave

Arrogance and pride

There’s nothing of you to reminisce

Pitiful and stupid

Your a waste of efforts

Your a slave Of your own making

Who gains nothing

Except the next morning of your waking

You’re a slave

Loose and locked in the vehemence

of your ego, seeded by your mind

Your a slave of the gray void

Everyone is warned of

A slave of the stubbornness

You clench onto with your teeth

Fiddling with the game of blame

You stand by no name

You hide behind nothing but your hands

Fumbling fake promises to paint over the cracks of my pain

You’re an obstacle to yourself

A slave

And empty


and this is why I’m leaving you!