Disproving Truth


The courts in session

The judge waits for your lies

You gather all the nonevidence

and begin to devise

your brain contemplates very hard

to lie is quite an art

AHAH you just had a moment

It was rather quick on your part

You croak an AHEM

and speak your plan

and begin your dainty mayhem

Everyone roars in applause

they loved your last clause

you did wonderful

The defendant’s been sacked by your claws

Now it’s time to make new laws

Arrogance is glory

Bigotry is great

Falsehood is truth

Murder is nothing

It’s all going to be a new great story

Rewriting history


The good life

the morning songs of screams and cries on their side
and your morning songs with guitar strings and
celebrity enmity on your side.
is it not the same,
that both hearts seem broken?
your head has shaken to the beats of drums
and theirs from the explosions of bombs

both succumbed to the solace in numbed emotions


#Syria #Palestine  #Kashmir  #Iraq  #Afghanistan

When the future scowls

I don’t know what my future holds

but I’m scared of the hot coals ahead of me,

despite the breeze of flower beds that surround me.


I’m aware there’s a rope to swing me high

whenever I feel furthest from the sky

but to still be blind but not deaf

to the things that will come around

is frightening in the least.

Considering that I’m not  one innocent, ever.


a blessing in disguise

or a test to become wise

all I can do is use my gilt ridden hands and beseech

Because I’m not

very clever.