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An Answer (a cycle of victim-blaming)

Finally gotten the opportunity to find an answer

But before receiving an answer, there has to be a question

How can there be a question if the problem can’t be named

The problem appears invisible, as you’re the only witness

It’s hard to prove the facts when you’re the only evidence

As the evidence is you, unchanged, unmoved, still in place, frozen in a state of permanence

the problem appears to be you

Questions are refuted to you

You are the fault

So now take the salt

Answer the question

that you brought into creation

Because you’re the one who complained

You’re the one who cried

you’re the one who stood apart

so face this disgrace and comply

for trying to escape your space

stand back in place

the ace is in my hand

i’m the one in command

They call me Emotional

They call me emotional
They say im makin drama

But they don’t really know what’s in all this trauma

It’s hard to believe
That its your own life that’s changing
It’s hard to find a solution that’s worth taking

Im emotional
But for a good reason
To clear out
any traces of treason
Don’t worry for me ill carve out my way
I’ll keep my eyes open, waiting for the dawn to shine its rays

It’s a struggle, yes I know you know
But its not an excuse
For you to abuse
And force me to use
Your narrow-minded advice
Which will drag me to my demise

Im in a problem
A real big problem
But just like everybody else, ill live my own way
I control my actions

and I face the reactions.

so let me, I do say,
Please, if you don’t mind,
Let me play
My drama
And be
And handle things
In my own way.