Birth to Trust

Trust. The most expensive and strangest thing in the world.
Once you lose it, it could take a lifetime to get back.
Its strange because it can be easy to gain
And make you the richest of all
But when it’s hard,
You really have to dig deep to find it.

But the question is… How do you get it? How does it come to exist?
Its the most integral part of relationships, yet the most unique thing to create
Is time the x chromosome? Then what is its y chromosome for it to be created?
Time and patience
Love and sincerity
I don’t know

The birth of our precious trust
How does the village raise it, if you must
And protect it from swarming disgust

Or even before the betrayal the lies and deceit
That destroys its little heart’s  two toned beat
How do you keep it sweet
With the nectar of all that is good
So we can savor all that it should

How do you make it grow
Amidst the sabotage and greed
And the fire of each evil dead

To keep it safe from the distractions and confusion
From the dark actions blurring our  profusion

How can we make trust see

That it belongs to both you and me

With love and utmost sincerity


The taa- marbuta ة

  • it’s never root letter of a word
    • therefore it’s always added
  • it makes a word stronger and more emphasized
  • doesn’t always make the meaning feminine


the ة also makes something single, meaning it shows theres one single object

قالت نملة- one ant said. (doesnt mean it’s female ant)

قطة  -one cat

however,  بقرة can be both female cow and a single cow, but there’s dispute on it

for ex. ضربة – it shows one hit. but it’s also مؤنّث
The ة indicates a single amount

words feminine in nature don’t need a ta-marbuta


The ة  on حمزة   is     مؤنث لفظي but when the name is used as a boy’s name, then it will be grammatically muthakr


in sifaat, adjectives, taa is there to distinguish a male from a female. but when an attribute only applies to a female, no taa is added

ex.  مرضع – a nursing woman




غير منصرف – partly flexible words

A sub-category to the exceptions to the regular signs of Irab ( ٌاٌ اً اٍ    )   are words that are ghair munsarif.

غير منصرف are words that can’t have tanween and because of that, they can’t have a kasra either.

The following are the types of words that fall into this sub-category

  • ألف التأنيث المقصورة
  • ألف التأنيف الممدودة
  • جمع المثنى الجموع
  • العلمية- names with
    • مزيدتان- names with أن
    • تركيب- names that are made of two words ex بعلبك  or حضرموت
    • التانيث- names with a ة   ex حمزة
    • الأعجمية- Non-arab names  like musa, ibrahim, ismail, maryam
    • وزن فعل- names that are on the pattern of verbs ex. أحمد
    • العدل-  names that were originally arab names but turned to something else, ex- عُمُر  from عامر
  • الوصف – adjectives
    • مزيدتان- ex  غضبان  سكران
    • أحمر       -وزن فعل
    • العدل-    emphasized numbers ex.  رباع  ثُلاث


Practice and examples:



The good life

the morning songs of screams and cries on their side
and your morning songs with guitar strings and
celebrity enmity on your side.
is it not the same,
that both hearts seem broken?
your head has shaken to the beats of drums
and theirs from the explosions of bombs

both succumbed to the solace in numbed emotions


#Syria #Palestine  #Kashmir  #Iraq  #Afghanistan

To Be in a Barren Meadow

 when all  at stake seems dreary and steep
and  asks you to take a daring blind  Leap
promising you to be free before the shadows scavenge and creep

It’s at times like these when one wishes to sleep,
to simply drift away, beyond the begotten deep

and have no meek thoughts to eerily keep

nor a shaken heart to grimly weep

except remain lost and unmoving,

in a bleak meadow with nothing
to spitefully reap

Smile in a cracked mirror

if only we can lead our lives with our hearts and eyes
instead of throwing fake poses and walking with our noses up high

thinking only of ourselves and falling into vice,
forgetting the meaning of life and how to sacrifice
there is a cure and it’s not magic
nor is it obscure or hiding something tragic

it’s to accept the pain that as humans we gain
and forgive our weaknesses that lead us to shame

to move on and ignore the count of numbers
to be free so we can lie back into euphoric slumbers

                    and remember that there is nothing more dearer
                   than smiling into a cracked mirror
                   and watching the world reflect back

Greek Underworld


At last, the soul has been freed

With nothing left for greed,

It’s taken across the river of Styx,

A ghostly water, which nobody picks

By Charon’s boat, the ferryman of death’s Master

Only the tremble of the soul makes it go faster

With no light to spare

Just dark to stare

And bitter feelings of dread

And lost memory of the dead

Left behind in the pool of Lethe

Looking back at his rotting wreath

He takes a deep breath…

[Was I bad?] I cannot remember…

Or is this.. just a new slumber?

Alas, he goes on, wishing and wishing

But he doesn’t know, what to wish for

Because his mind is blank, and everything is missing

He walks the plank

Towards his judges

Getting cold and feeling shrill with Charon’s nudges

His voice is struck in his throat

Unable to speak…..

He waits for the vote.

With fear in his tender eyes



to be continued!!


This is a poem I wrote in Highschool… unfortunately I never finished it but I will soon iA!