But then again, you only live once…

So I will make the most of my days

It’s up to me to find all the ways

God gave me the keys to use them as I please

so please, I say to myself- do not let this consuming darkness

hover over my eyes

It blinds me with lies about myself

telling me my goals are baseless-

That I’m full of holes, so what I do is pointless

But the judgement is in the Future’s hands

Because Time well spent is what really matters,

-Not what I see now in what appears to be a fishless pond

Miracles do happen

And not at a price, except that

I, myself, be the scienceĀ of it

until I reach the end of the summit

and be the one first to submit

in humility

as success is simply

the first step

in not being lazy

nor being bound to the haze

of all the craze

that seems to revolve

with ease

around your manifest effort









Smile, I said

Smile, I said,

You are not a mystery

not a book

with a beginning, middle and end

You may have some history

but today is what you are now

and tomorrow what you shall be

so Go ahead, as I take my bow

Tell me

what you are today.

I am listening,

I said.

and she became

as I smiled back.



When the future scowls

I don’t know what my future holds

but I’m scared of the hot coals ahead of me,

despite the breeze of flower beds that surround me.


I’m aware there’s a rope to swing me high

whenever I feel furthest from the sky

but to still be blind but not deaf

to the things that will come around

is frightening in the least.

Considering that I’m not Ā one innocent, ever.


a blessing in disguise

or a test to become wise

all I can do is use my gilt ridden hands and beseech

Because I’m not

very clever.