is it humiliation that you fear? humiliation is in the eyes of the beholder just as beauty is. if it’s what makes others see you as a faltered show, it’s their problem and not yours; for you have only learnt your lesson and Learnt that there is a thing called strength…. to become strong over your weakness, and making you stronger than them


Numbed heart

There’s a certain point where we begin to numb our hearts.  We forget what we really want, what our innerselves want- what our true-selves want.  One of the biggest signs is when your heart doesnt let you stay still.  You delve into endless desires, feeding yourself sugars that only succumb to your needs temporarily. You believe you are satisfied but then you’re hungry for more, always jumping from one thing to another. This is when we forget who we are. Our courage to be ourselves and accept ourselves drowns out and try to do things that others are doing, not giving much thought to what we personally are good at.

Truth is, being who you are is right at your fingertips. It’s the easiest to be yourself, rather than becoming cool, popular, or interesting.

But how to become yourself and be satisfied with who  you are?  Push away your desires and focus on your inner self.  Start with your core, with your point of humanity.  What makes you human?

Being dependent.

Accept that you are dependent on one thing or another.  (cuz that’s what your ego tricks you away from)

Being thankful.

Acknowledge the blessings that carry you on your feet and allow you to smile.


Have good thoughts.  Put away the negativity and how things aren’t going the way you picture them to be.  Put effort into your reaction of things so that you can still float.  So what if one road was blocked for you.  Think of another way. Possibilities are endless.  Reach the skies with your good thoughts.

Your goal: to be you!

There’s nothing better that you can do but be you and nobody else in the world can be you. not even actors.. cuz even they add in some of their spice… i mean isnt that how they get awards?  like they add the perfect amount of spice and that’s what they’re rewarded for? since their role sticks out so well then.. lol random tangent whatever

So in conclusion.. why are those factors of acknolwedging dependency, thankfulness, and thinking important?

because they lead to other basic principles that we all revolve around everyday. the bonds that tie and connect us to everything else.. like trust, promises, and having goals.

when you’re dependent, you have to build trust.  there’s no choice. you just can’t.

thankfulness, you can see what you have and your sight shows you your potential, from which you can build hope and actually anticipate you goals

with your goals in mind, and acceptance of dependence, you’re able to connect with others by promising them things from your own part (whether thats an actualy promise, or it’s  the nonverbal etiquette and communication you give. )

okay I have no idea where I’m going with this but there it is..

cuz the bottom line is that in order to live, we need our hearts.

and we all want to LIVE.