Silence and tears

Sometimes you have to cry over the little things that otherwise an “adult” with thick skin might suck in and deal with.

To cry over the lack of understanding on regardless of whether it’s on your part or theirs.  because regardless, there’s a misunderstanding, and regardless, there’s a ripple ,creating movement in still water.

There isn’t much you can do when it comes to the tongue exercising its malice and expressing its inner pain, all expelled onto you.

You just suck it in.  let your heart succumb to the venom.  and let it cycle through your body into tears.  tears to purify you of your pain, tears to create a quiet stream to carry you to a refuge of silence

Silence and tears, they’re such a perfect duo.


When tears are lies

my tears are lies
for my brothers and sisters in pain
my tears are lies when i get angry over losing a ring
my tears are lies when Id rather buy myself bling
I’m a liar
when it’s me before you
and my gain and ur loss
I’ll use the worlds water to clean a spec off my shoes
while they sit and wait for days for a droplet
my lord is my witness
when they ask me what I had done with my strength

to help them or  my whims