Science of Shame

It’s shame we seek to understand

But we’re too ashamed

Of societal reprimand

So we go on forward

Ignoring it until it burns a hole

Forgetting that shame

Is a chemical

And can become lethal

When mixed with the heat

Of ego

Until it explodes

And harms others more

Than it harmed you


shadows within the radiance

you think this is beauty

you think this is the end

and have reached the end of the pulpit

to make your amends

let no hand hold you back from where you stand

there’s more to your story

and there’s more than these societal binds

that force you to be inclined

to what’s reflected into your mind


you think this is beauty

you think this is the end

but it’s merely a stone-cold friend

I know it’s hard to see when you think you’re free

but believe me you are above this fathomed glee

this is not the destination,

culmination has not reach its peak

reset your determination


watch them as they speak

you’re not sitting in the audience,

spotlight is on you

there are shadows within the radiance

tell me, what will you do?



Giving In

It’s like painting a new picture

for the strange object that never fit in

Like a sock on a vase

rather than flowers within


Strange and despised

What nonsense is this

A sock on a vase? 

This art has no face!


Refusing to be abashed

The artist changes state

It’s the viewer who was wrong

And the meaning was misplaced

But the vase was painted over

with a desk and a sitting mother

knitting the last sock

for her dying little child,

because the idiots whose understanding

of life and living

is so very mild.