The Devil’s Wisdom

Your loss is my gain

and that is my aim.

Because all I desire

is your eternal pain


For you to be dragged as I will be

and be mocked as you mocked

and laughed at as you laughed


I’ll be so happy

as I value my pride

so be my ride

for I’ve gone through great lengths

to make this last long stride


You are my abode

be my slave

dont be afraid

show me you’re brave

I am your friend

I am sincere

in every lie

to make you cry

and fester in hate


For your torment is my bliss

and your obedience is my wish

to fall for arrogance

and make gold your death-wish






You’re a Slave


You’re a slave

Arrogance and pride

There’s nothing of you to reminisce

Pitiful and stupid

Your a waste of efforts

Your a slave Of your own making

Who gains nothing

Except the next morning of your waking

You’re a slave

Loose and locked in the vehemence

of your ego, seeded by your mind

Your a slave of the gray void

Everyone is warned of

A slave of the stubbornness

You clench onto with your teeth

Fiddling with the game of blame

You stand by no name

You hide behind nothing but your hands

Fumbling fake promises to paint over the cracks of my pain

You’re an obstacle to yourself

A slave

And empty


and this is why I’m leaving you!