Fairest of em all

I’m a queen of my own making

My sweat adorns me with gold

My feet carry me to my throne

And my lowered eyes make me high
security is my sword

upright shoulders and a solemn tongue

I have honor shadowing my path
Virtue has draped me in a cape

And my heart has become my veil

My secrets are my strength, of which is no one’s avail.
I’ve no ditches dug for blackmail or treachery

I don’t need a fort to keep me snug

My honor is the sun and cool air beeming around me and creating happy shadows, 

I have nothing to hide
I can’t be fought over a drought dried of delight and rain

I’ve distanced myself from your woeful gain
There is no usury without the ingredient of misery

and I have none, thus I’m unbeatable

And my journey has just begun
My head is bare of a crown, my keen scrutiny is enough for a noticable light of status.

I don’t look into murky water, it’s a waste of divine time

I’m a queen of my own making, and my successor is my good deeds

Thus creating Never ending waves as my army
My name may be one day forgotten

But my work will be everlasting

And that makes me

The fairest of em all




They call me Emotional

They call me emotional
They say im makin drama

But they don’t really know what’s in all this trauma

It’s hard to believe
That its your own life that’s changing
It’s hard to find a solution that’s worth taking

Im emotional
But for a good reason
To clear out
any traces of treason
Don’t worry for me ill carve out my way
I’ll keep my eyes open, waiting for the dawn to shine its rays

It’s a struggle, yes I know you know
But its not an excuse
For you to abuse
And force me to use
Your narrow-minded advice
Which will drag me to my demise

Im in a problem
A real big problem
But just like everybody else, ill live my own way
I control my actions

and I face the reactions.

so let me, I do say,
Please, if you don’t mind,
Let me play
My drama
And be
And handle things
In my own way.