But then again, you only live once…

So I will make the most of my days

It’s up to me to find all the ways

God gave me the keys to use them as I please

so please, I say to myself- do not let this consuming darkness

hover over my eyes

It blinds me with lies about myself

telling me my goals are baseless-

That I’m full of holes, so what I do is pointless

But the judgement is in the Future’s hands

Because Time well spent is what really matters,

-Not what I see now in what appears to be a fishless pond

Miracles do happen

And not at a price, except that

I, myself, be the science of it

until I reach the end of the summit

and be the one first to submit

in humility

as success is simply

the first step

in not being lazy

nor being bound to the haze

of all the craze

that seems to revolve

with ease

around your manifest effort









I’m told to. Wait.


I come home ready to dance
Full of life like its my only chance

But what I get for all my efforts
Is him his face crooked and facebookin

Scrolling up
Scrolling down
Wasting time like he’s getting paid

What’s my sin
What’s my fault
What do I do
Its like my eyes have salt getting laid
I cannot cry
I cannot complain
Can only sit motionless
And wait in vain

I was told to teach
Told to wait
Im meant to preach
But this pain- I hate
I’d rather go back to dreaming!
At least I can hope and keep feeling
But now my hearts empty
Drained from its heavy beats

How long how hard do I keep trying
Without seeing progress
Im human I need a visual
Im sensitive I need a heart touching intellectual

I hear myself breathing
I close my eyes but still keep seeing
Can’t sleep
Can’t think
I don’t know
How should I be??

Yes he’s immature
He’s into all the material
He can see things in one way
I can see them in two
For that he feels inferior
As though he’s in a play
But I say this is life- we are two
See what im saying this is how we do

What choice do I have but to tell him how to do it
Im to cook and Sow
But also show him how to make life flow
Its not fair,
I dare  say
Its not fair– its all I can say

I teach him I get denied
I preach him– Im now arrogant
I love him– im set aside
I flirt with him– my heart gets bent!

How do I make it through is all I can wonder
What is the correct move
Its all I wish to render
I want to end it
But that’s too fiesty
Im told im expecting too much
Asking for the nonexistent mr.perfect