Bro I was on TV!!

Can’t believe I’ve been interviewed by riverfront times, npr, Hec-TV, and Channel 5 news! 4 different interviews within one week!  Once i get my hands on the news video review, I’ll add that in.


I’m somebody who’d hide behind everyone in class and pray to God that a teacher wouldn’t pick me to answer a question.  Lo and Behold, in just a few months of joining CAIR, my work has brought me into the media asking me questions and my opinions about my work!   subhanAllah ❤

So what is this all about? I recurated a local exhibition featuring American-Muslim artists from all over STL  to exhibit and sell their work.

I’ll add in more information and detail on how I did everything soon. I’m totally pooped after 3 months of planning this out!  BTW it was a huge success.  over 250+ came to the exhibition and some people couldnt even enter because of lack of parking.

okaaayyy so..

here are some articles and a video!


i had no idea what i look like in person until now 😮  mirrors are deceiving.

plz ignore my face tho.  Idky I look so terrified.


Gosh, before this, I had nothing for my resume. And now I got so much done in just one shot!  🙂 🙂



2 comments on “Bro I was on TV!!

  1. Khadija says:

    Awesome MashaAllah!! This is such a brilliant idea and I’m so happy to know that you work with CAIR! Keep up the great work, Alhamdulillah❤️ And btw, you nailed the interview😉

    Liked by 1 person

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