Motto for Living in a Trump Era

nothing better than getting a healthy dose of the Masjid at times like this( Trump Era) This is what I have to share after listening to a lecture by some really awesome learned scholar phD dude, a brilliant educator of our young Imam.  This isnt all what the lecturer said, rather it’s my reflection and way of relating it to myself.
1) change our focus from falling for our desires, trying to get more of everything we want. more of our distractions, more of the shiny things, more of excess -basically anything -that signifies wealth for you.  the excess. the  extravagance.  the greed.   Be real with yourself and what matters
2) dont let circumstances make you take away your consideration for others. care for others, help others, ponder about others and their pains and how you can be there for them, expand unity beyond your personal borders.

3) bare through it patiently. it’s gonna be hard, scary, and ugly but we have to be our best especially in this time. no matter how much you wanna go off on someone, you gotta play it cool bc that’s what will hit the hardest if you wanna win. cuz the point of this all is that you wanna win and you cant win without controlling yourself and being humble


2 comments on “Motto for Living in a Trump Era

  1. Khadija says:

    Love the practical advice! SubhanaAllah, was just in the middle of a conversation on precisely this topic with my mom, regrading not only how to ‘cope’ in this new era, but to ‘thrive’. May Allah give us all the unity and patience to come out of this trial only stronger🙏❤️

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    • ollieforreal says:

      Yes, it’s very practical but for some reason that’s how much harder it is. Not only with yourself doing it, but also when you are with your peers. since following this essentially brings changes in one’s lifestyle, for the better of course. ameeennn ameen


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