The taa- marbuta ة

  • it’s never root letter of a word
    • therefore it’s always added
  • it makes a word stronger and more emphasized
  • doesn’t always make the meaning feminine


the ة also makes something single, meaning it shows theres one single object

قالت نملة- one ant said. (doesnt mean it’s female ant)

قطة  -one cat

however,  بقرة can be both female cow and a single cow, but there’s dispute on it

for ex. ضربة – it shows one hit. but it’s also مؤنّث
The ة indicates a single amount

words feminine in nature don’t need a ta-marbuta


The ة  on حمزة   is     مؤنث لفظي but when the name is used as a boy’s name, then it will be grammatically muthakr


in sifaat, adjectives, taa is there to distinguish a male from a female. but when an attribute only applies to a female, no taa is added

ex.  مرضع – a nursing woman





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