Greek Underworld


At last, the soul has been freed

With nothing left for greed,

It’s taken across the river of Styx,

A ghostly water, which nobody picks

By Charon’s boat, the ferryman of death’s Master

Only the tremble of the soul makes it go faster

With no light to spare

Just dark to stare

And bitter feelings of dread

And lost memory of the dead

Left behind in the pool of Lethe

Looking back at his rotting wreath

He takes a deep breath…

[Was I bad?] I cannot remember…

Or is this.. just a new slumber?

Alas, he goes on, wishing and wishing

But he doesn’t know, what to wish for

Because his mind is blank, and everything is missing

He walks the plank

Towards his judges

Getting cold and feeling shrill with Charon’s nudges

His voice is struck in his throat

Unable to speak…..

He waits for the vote.

With fear in his tender eyes



to be continued!!


This is a poem I wrote in Highschool… unfortunately I never finished it but I will soon iA!


2 comments on “Greek Underworld

  1. Stormfather says:

    I love it…nice work(mmm…maybe it’s because I love Greek Mythology a lot) I love how you expressed it..rhymes and all…

    Liked by 1 person

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