Rotten Gold Fruit

I have faith in God

But do I have faith in myself?


Blind faith in something other than yourself sounds so much easier

Because you’ve felt it around you.  The supernatural waves of things working out on their own.  Just as you watch a flower unravel through its tight petals.

You believe that it’ll bloom… because it’s not you who’s doing the blooming for it.

Now faith in yourself… it takes so much more work.

Because you’ve seen yourself afraid, weak, and different. Struggling and even losing.  Falling behind or making mistakes.

Seeing progress through your own work seems nearly impossible.  more like a fairy-tale that’s meant not to ever happen.

Or is it just an extremely hidden case of laziness.  The boss level of overcoming laziness?

Or is it fear?

Or is faith in yourself really the final part of having faith in God?

The ultimate faith where you believe God is with you in every step you lift your leg up for, with every word you think you way through- that God is there helping you all the way, even when he allows you to fall?

Perhaps it’s fear that trumps over faith and limits it’s work by nearly putting it behind bars.  Fear of falling- because the world says its bad.

But how many times has falling lead to success?

and how many different definitions of success have people lived.  The kinds are infinite.

Because Sirat al Mustaqeem is a wide path.  With many intricacies made special for every individual who walks upon it.

And when a rotten fruit of fear falls upon your path… you immediately grab it, for its gold-leaf disguise is so alluring.  thinking you may settle down with that fruit only to be surprised that its flesh is anything other than the sweetness of a real fruit.

Those who are wise know that real gold fruit don’t come upon our paths except that we must climb our way for them.

Because when a rotten fruit falls on our path, it’s there to stop us from going further.  we’re seduced into its golden skin and decide to settle down. only to become sick from it.

basically what i’m saying is that I feel like fear is an easy way out and we accept fear because it’s an excuse for not moving forward.  not doing the hardwork.

It’s got the gold skin/rind because we let ourselves think that this is it– no need to move forward.  it’s seductive in making us think we don’t need to climb our tree anymore.






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