I’m told to. Wait.


I come home ready to dance
Full of life like its my only chance

But what I get for all my efforts
Is him his face crooked and facebookin

Scrolling up
Scrolling down
Wasting time like he’s getting paid

What’s my sin
What’s my fault
What do I do
Its like my eyes have salt getting laid
I cannot cry
I cannot complain
Can only sit motionless
And wait in vain

I was told to teach
Told to wait
Im meant to preach
But this pain- I hate
I’d rather go back to dreaming!
At least I can hope and keep feeling
But now my hearts empty
Drained from its heavy beats

How long how hard do I keep trying
Without seeing progress
Im human I need a visual
Im sensitive I need a heart touching intellectual

I hear myself breathing
I close my eyes but still keep seeing
Can’t sleep
Can’t think
I don’t know
How should I be??

Yes he’s immature
He’s into all the material
He can see things in one way
I can see them in two
For that he feels inferior
As though he’s in a play
But I say this is life- we are two
See what im saying this is how we do

What choice do I have but to tell him how to do it
Im to cook and Sow
But also show him how to make life flow
Its not fair,
I dare  say
Its not fair– its all I can say

I teach him I get denied
I preach him– Im now arrogant
I love him– im set aside
I flirt with him– my heart gets bent!

How do I make it through is all I can wonder
What is the correct move
Its all I wish to render
I want to end it
But that’s too fiesty
Im told im expecting too much
Asking for the nonexistent mr.perfect



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