Muslim Child Notes part 2

Houses should never feel like a school or hostile with tight timings and programs.


family provides an example

children should feel relaxed and loved.

Abu Dawud and Tirmidhi both narrated

“The Prophet SAW said those people who don’t have mercy on our children, they are not from us, and those people who do not respect our elders, they are not from us”

  • having mercy on children is part of religion

Bukhari narrated”  A man came to the prophet S and the man had a young child with him. he man started hugging the child all the time, and the prophet S asked him, “do you love him/are you having mercy on him?”  He replied “Yes”   Prophet S said

“Allah swt has more mercy with you than you have with him”

If you have mercy on your child, Allah will love and have mercy on you

From Aisha-  A bedoiuin came to the prophet , so the prophet S asked him” Do you kiss your children?”

He said “NO”

“What can I do if Allah swt doesn’t have mercy on you”

Children should feel that they were truly loved by their parents and cared for. Make everything outside of the home remind them of their home and how everything is so much better at home.



“In the country of Love, make your own place/position, don’t rely on the people. create your own time, your own morning and evening, don’t borrow it from people”

“If Allah gives you a heart that can read nature, then you’ll see that all the roses and flowers and plants are speaking with you and you can learn from them” all you need is the heart that can understand the language.

“I am humiliated, ppl put their steps on me, i have no respect, im alwqys worried in this universe, why is your position always higher than the stars?

the eagle answers, “you are looking for your provision on the path of the ppl, you’ll be humiliated, while i myself, i fly high and find my own food”

Tree and Bird Story-

“One day, a tree said to the bird of a desert, ‘This whole universe is based on injustice, if Allah had given me wings like you to fly, then I would fly like you, then the whole univese would become so colorful with trees flying everywhere’

The bird replied, ‘ you’ve misunderstood, you call injustice what’s justice.  In this world, those don’t deserve to fly who are attached to the ground”

if you want to fly, detach yourself from the earth.


Being a minority of muslims and the environment being bad is not a good attitude to show children.  There is still so much that children can learn from.

Piety doesn’t require a set of conditions.  Piety can be in any state anywhere at anytime.

Piety all depends on you.

ex. Abu Bakr being so kind as he is despite having 99% harmful mean people around him

if the environment helps you be pious, then it’s too easy for you and makes you lazy

but when it’s challenging you, it makes you stronger and purer.

Muslim Society?

Some try to make their own mini muslimland madrasas to save their children isolating them from everything.

It’s not healthy because then children are not exposed.  People need to be exposed so they can learn.  How can they learn to tolerate? How can they know how to really be when the situation comes.

Allah created different conditions for muslims so that it’s an opportunity to improve them and test them, and help them learn.

It’s just to make them think and ponder more.

The people of the cave had a hostile environment but they were still able to remain pious.

Even if muslims make their min muslimland places, it will still turn into the same issues that happen in muslim countries.

There’s no point in complaining about the environment. You are in control of yourself.

Always look at your situation positively and see what you can do.  No condition of the world can stop you from being pious.  If you want to be good, only you can make yourself good.

See how you can utilize what you have in your environment. Don’t complain.

Iman and Islam can never be defeated.

You can still be better than a person who was raised by scholars.

Secular Education

You cannot avoid secular education no matter what in this society. It’s your test. You have to learn how to benefit from it. You have to figure out a way that you only take what’s beneficial for you and you leave out what’s harmful.

When you go to school, take the ilm but not the culture or philosophies and manners.

There are countless ways of benefiting without harming your religion.  If you do get harmed, Allah swt can forgive because it’s not like you’re not trying.

It’s never advisable to leave secular education otherwise you’ll never get anywhere in this society (kinda obvious) unless you’re okay with being a taxi driver lol

In madrasas, choose good teachers.

Before teaching children, improve yourself because their eyes are connected with your eyes. TO them, good is what you’ll see as good, and evil what you see as evil.  And tell them biographies.  And threaten them with the father’s name

Doctors don’t rush for medicine until they are sure what the illness is.

Don’t lie that I will do something because I am relying on you, teacher. Teachers should make effort to see what the problems are with the students before advising them.

Teach my children to speak the truth.  Make them memorize poetry, make them brave, and make those who help people.  make them avoid sitting with lower people who have bad manners.

when they’re alone discipline them, not in public.

Be firm on them if they lie because it leads to sin and sin leads to fire.

Teachers should have good character themselves.


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