Dear Haram Police


Dear Haram Police.

I see your comments and posts throughout facebook, but why is it that you act like nobody has a heart?  Or any spirituality/ soul?  Why do you act like no other muslim but you or someone DRESSED as a muslim thinks of Allah and their purpose in life?

Why do you have to be so harsh when you vomit out your words with so much malice and arrogance and allow yourselves to be looked down upon?  Just because you discovered Allah swt or you may THINK you did, you think others who do things that are different from your values are not good muslims? Are you saying you’re a better muslim when you see them as bad?

Second thing is what makes you feel that you can quote Allah’s book where he’s angry at people or sending a harsh message, you can copy and paste that same message and claim God’s Anger onto those around you?!  Don’t you see what you’re doing?! It’s true some people change with harshness but that’s not for you to judge on others. The Islamic motto is to speak with kindness, to scaffold people towards good–Not smack them with hot iron and tell em God’s angry, that you better change or else.

Third thing is, I feel like a hypocrite for speaking with so much emotion when I myself am telling people to speak with kindness and peace.  I really don’t want to rant. When is ranting even a good thing?

My dear brothers and sisters I just want to say that when we speak to others with harshness, especially those who are struggling and trying to get closer, it really hurts them and brings them down.  It makes them want to stay away from knowledgeable people like you.  You really don’t know whats in others’ hearts and although you do have the right to your opinion, remember that others are just as free to have their own opinion.  You aren’t responsible for their opinions nor their actions.

May Allah swt guide, teach, and strengthen me, you, and everyone else ameen.


the distraught muslimah

knowledge aint guidance. what you do with it, is.


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