Am I right? Am I wrong?

am i right?  am i wrong?

don’t think you’ve hit the top of the mountain and your conclusion clear and there’s nothing more to find out.  there’s always the other side. or the down side.. But you’re gracefully climbing down- humbling yourself with precision!

no matter how right you think you are, the world is bigger than what you see.  no matter how too late it seems, there’s always another way to make things work.  explore the possibilities but when you feel determined to make the turn, accept that there’s a new world you’re about to enter. let go of the past except for the rules you’ve learned. move forward.  there’s no room for regret.  you can’t change what you’ve done.  Instead, do something about it.  do something new.  revise your goals and find something attainable. start with baby steps.

with life, you just keep going and hoping.  things can be for the better or worse at any instant.

nothing is wasted except for the time spent moping and delving into distractions.








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